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Paul LeVan is a photographer with a great work ethic and a knack for common sense. How about that?!?

Most people think that everyday life is mostly on the boring side. I would disagree with that! There's a great shot to be had no matter where you look. It's those little details that I try to incorporate into all of my shots.  

Many photographers try to go for the bigger fish in terms of companies but I love the little guys!  Ma and Pa stores, the independent fabric artist, the hip new bistro run by a former accountant, these are the people I love.  That's not to say that the big guys don't need help as well.  They can lose their message, or just need a visual overhaul.  People, there is plenty of love to go around!   Regardless of who you are, when it comes to my work, I do it, and do it right the first time, period.  Understanding my clients and their needs are at the top of my list.  Communication is key; if I can't understand what that need is how can I produce a great end product?

So enough talk already, and let's work together and make a great story.




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