Kia / by Paul LeVan

So Tuesday I had the pleasure of working on a campaign with Kia and Univision.  Half the day was shot on location at this beautiful villa, and the second half was done in studio.  The house was beautiful but part of me always wonders with homes that big how much of it is for show vs. actual living space.  The things us people with small living spaces wonder I guess :-)

The studio where we shot the car was just massive, not to mention sound proofed.  It was the same sensation as being in a cave.  I always wondered how cars were shot on white for commercials; was it on a white backdrop or something else.  My question was answered as the wall and floor were specially curved to be seamless, with giant soft boxes above.  Adding to the excitement of the week I also just sent in my first roll of film for my Rolleiflex.  Very excited to see what comes from that.  Well enjoy your week and keep shooting!