Exploring / by Paul LeVan

So now that it's summer, (although it doesn't quite feel like it) I like to explore where I live. That means taking the camera along with and seeing what happens.  It isn't always interesting but I can count on at least one interesting image.  

Yesterday was no different.  I learned that the building that Essanay Studios was in where Charlie Chaplin did most of his early silent film work still exists right by my home, so I thought I would check it out.  A college now calls it home, and they are trying to restore the building, along with the original sound stage.

I also went downtown and took a stroll along the river which is beautiful!  Blue skies, a light breeze, perfect, just perfect.  I also decided to take my newest addition to my camera family out for a stroll as well.  It's a press camera from the 1940's and took my first shots with that.  I'll post more about that when I get the negatives developed.

Not everything you shoot will be groundbreaking but sometimes a little humor will go a long way, and the last shot is no different.  Hamheads.  That's all I can say.