Rolleiflex by Paul LeVan

So even though I do shoot digital, I also love old film cameras.  Nothing can beat their style as well as that "special something" that only film can give you.  I had my Rolleiflex Automat completely overhauled and was finally able to take it out for my first roll of film through it.  I used b&w film and was pretty pleased with the first batch.  My next endeavour is taking out my 4x5 Graflex camera and getting some shots with that.  For those who have no idea what that is, try to remember any movie where the old reporters have these big cameras with the super bright flashbulbs and you'll know.  I put a few pictures from the Rollei, and the next batch will be my first color roll through the camera.  Enjoy!

Kia by Paul LeVan

So Tuesday I had the pleasure of working on a campaign with Kia and Univision.  Half the day was shot on location at this beautiful villa, and the second half was done in studio.  The house was beautiful but part of me always wonders with homes that big how much of it is for show vs. actual living space.  The things us people with small living spaces wonder I guess :-)

The studio where we shot the car was just massive, not to mention sound proofed.  It was the same sensation as being in a cave.  I always wondered how cars were shot on white for commercials; was it on a white backdrop or something else.  My question was answered as the wall and floor were specially curved to be seamless, with giant soft boxes above.  Adding to the excitement of the week I also just sent in my first roll of film for my Rolleiflex.  Very excited to see what comes from that.  Well enjoy your week and keep shooting!


Hello Miami! by Paul LeVan

It's been a while since I've been here.  The reason?  Jeny and I moved to Miami!!!  And let me tell you that long distance moves, especially from Chicago all the way down here are a NIGHTMARE.  Needless to say it's all for the better of things.  I've already been working with Univision, so hopefully that will just be a start of things to come here.  Since I've had some free time lately, I was out and about with my Rolleiflex, so I can't wait to get some of those shots developed!  Until then, keep cool.....or warm wherever you might be.

Eastwood wedding by Paul LeVan

Sunday was a windy day, especially at the Eastwood wedding.   But the sun was out and there were friends and family to share in the special day.  If you've never been to Illinois Beach State Park you should check it out.  It's really pretty and perfect for a wedding!  That being said check out some of the shots in the Eastwood wedding gallery!  Oh and if anyone sees summer can you ask him to get his act together?  Having fall stand in for him is REALLY noticeable.

Exploring by Paul LeVan

So now that it's summer, (although it doesn't quite feel like it) I like to explore where I live. That means taking the camera along with and seeing what happens.  It isn't always interesting but I can count on at least one interesting image.  

Yesterday was no different.  I learned that the building that Essanay Studios was in where Charlie Chaplin did most of his early silent film work still exists right by my home, so I thought I would check it out.  A college now calls it home, and they are trying to restore the building, along with the original sound stage.

I also went downtown and took a stroll along the river which is beautiful!  Blue skies, a light breeze, perfect, just perfect.  I also decided to take my newest addition to my camera family out for a stroll as well.  It's a press camera from the 1940's and took my first shots with that.  I'll post more about that when I get the negatives developed.

Not everything you shoot will be groundbreaking but sometimes a little humor will go a long way, and the last shot is no different.  Hamheads.  That's all I can say.

A new site, and new adventures. by Paul LeVan

Hi everyone, this is my new site and I've incorporated a blog.  I can't promise ground-breaking shots, and excitement every post but I can show you a little bit of my world the way I see it.  The little things sometimes leave bigger impressions than the big bang boom of the newest and shiniest of toys!  So join me won't you?